Too Much of a Good Thing — 3 Comments

  1. Travel very well dear friends! SO VERY good to read your posts; a girl can dream…. Much love to you both….

  2. I remember very well crossing the Friendship Bridge at Houay Xai, but I was going the other way….heading from Laos to Chiang Mai. I had taken the slow boat from Luang Prabang to the Thai border…. A 2 day journey that stays with you for a lifetime!! I sort of got stuck in Luang Prabang the way you two got into a grove in Chiang Mai… I had planned on staying only a couple of days, but 2 weeks later I was still there and loving it!!! Enjoy yourselves and stay safe….

  3. I spent a couple of months in Lao three years ago. I’d highly recommend a boat trip up the Nam Ou river from Luang Prabang and a visit to the Plain of Jars.

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