I write to find out what I am thinking. Sometimes it surprises me. Writing seems to unlock some part of my brain that I normally do not have access to. So it is interesting to me to start writing and see what comes out.

These days I am most interested in travel. I love the sensation of waking up in a strange bed and, briefly, not having a clue where I am. (As I get older, I realize that before long I will probably be able to do that in my bed at home!)

Life is, to a large extent, a search for meaning. And meaning, I believe, is derived from context. Think about a businessman in biker bar—or a swimsuit in church.

Travel is a constant change of context, and presents constant challenges to one’s assumptions. Travel changes one’s outlook, and that is why—things get re-contextualized, so they mean something different than they did before you left home. Or maybe you just realize that some things mean one thing at home, and something different someplace else.

Add to that the discovery of people, places and things you simply had no idea existed. And the daily challenges of dealing with unknown and unexpected situations.

Waking up in the morning and wondering where I am is the least of it. I like wondering who I am.