Some Time in Thailand — 4 Comments

  1. It is always great to receive your insightful comments from the road. Enjoy the sights, sounds and (of course) the smells that Thailand has to offer…. And, I hope that the dental work goes well for you. When I was in Chiang Mai a couple of years ago I looked at some of the prices that the clinics were charging for various procedures and I couldn’t believe it!!! I can see that getting a few procedures done there will save you enough to pay for the trip….

    Enjoy your time time and I wish you many wonderful adventures.

    Travel safe,


      • Hi Jim, I was in Vietnam in 2002……just before the whole Tourism Boom started. I think that my information will be stale-dated.. A couple of things that still stand out, however, are Halong Bay (although it is much more crowed now than it was in 2002), drinking draft beer at impromptu Pubs that set up anywhere on the streets of Hanoi, and boating down the Mekong River and just watching rural life pass by… I’m sure that you and Faye will find some new adventures when you travel to Vietnam….. Enjoy…..


  2. I want to be a stow-away! Oh the stories I could tell… Just spent the day out walking at the ranch.. very beautiful here today, snow all around, clear blue ski.. trip air.. I am settled in for winter; back to work on the 3rd. Well, that is what I know today. Staying centered and heart present is the path.. In the new year I wish to find a mail order husband: Canadian, Australian, Or Kiwi.. please send one if you know of there where a-bouts! Much love to you both, my sunshine well.. and yes I know this is a “public post”, wink! xo

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