A Useful Expression — 2 Comments

  1. Been thinking of you both and wondering if you had gone to Guatamala this year and right on cue we get your blog notice. Got a bit of an update on you guys from Bill Tuck and we’ve done little more than talk about how great it would be to go north and visit you. Are you planning on stopping over on your way home? We sure would love to see you both. We’re heading down to Mexico to do the Copper Canyon train and visit friends in Mazatlan the month of March.
    Congrats, I hear you got a clean bill of health? Fantastic news. Hugs to you both. Bob and Barb

  2. Love to you and blessing on your journey! I am nested up at the Ranch in Ashland… SUN! Warmth, relative to Oregon in the Winters… Big Luv, Many Hugs! Bird (judith)

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