Stupa-fied in Myanmar — 2 Comments

  1. They are not being held down? Jim, there are 2000 political prisoners in the country. Just because you could not see them does not mean you should ignore that terrible fact.

    A democratically elected government will be just the beginning, you write… when will that be? The coming elections are in the hands of the army.

    Going to Burma is not a "wrong" decision… if you choose to educate yourself about the realities in the country. Yes, it is a perfect world… if you choose to look the other way…

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm guessing you haven't been here. Everything tends to look more black and white from a distance. No, the world is not perfect regardless of where you look, even your own back yard. As far as getting informed,I'd rather learn firsthand from people here.

    Everything changes eventually. I guess the question for travelers is whether being here helps effect desirable change, or hurts it.

    By the way, as you may know, the government blocks various sites, including this one for some reason. I was shown how to circumvent the censors by a local computer geek. Do you really want to bet on the government rather than these people? I feel hopeful.

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