A Book and a Hammock — 4 Comments

  1. I found you!!
    LOTS to get caught up one, so let me know your email when you get a chance, OK?
    Looking forward to reconnecting!
    Santa Fe, NM

  2. Sounds almost yuppie, this beaching and hammacking stuff! Shame!!! While we dig out of several snowfalls, though modest compared to the Eastern Seaboard.
    Meeting up with Cousin Barbara (Pierce) tomorrow for lunch while she visits fellow genealogist and Smith Fallsers in our neighbourhood. Tried to recruit Cousin Deborah and Cousin Laurel, even distant Cousin Owen now part of the ethernet, but all have declined joining us for lunch. (he may have forgotten already how to log on and read emails?) Will direct her to your web site if she isn’t following it.
    Still enjoying the coffee honey. Loved the coffee liqueur in Costa Rica. Ciao, Glen

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