Rajasthan Quartet — 6 Comments

  1. thanks for the update…..I like the way you think and I enjoy reading your posts. See you soon Jim!

  2. Hi Jim and Faye,
    Make sure you are not traveling on March 5 and 6th. It is the festival of colours (Holi). Hope you are still in Rajasthan to experience this extraordinary festival. It is not a good time to be traveling or using public transport.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Meenal, we took a taxi from Agra to Vindravan this morning (the 5th). No problems. Sometimes you just have to risk it.

    • Thanks Joe. We won’t make it this trip. Maybe we should have swapped this for one of the mega-destinations.

  3. I’m sore just thinking about riding a camel. Sounds like you are having a great time. Hi to Faye

    Leslie and Gary

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