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  1. Hi Jim and Faye, Good to hear that you are out and about again. I was in India many, many years ago and it is certainly a place I want to return to. The thing I wonder about the most about India is the population. When I was there there was “only” about 350-400 million people and it seemed packed then. Now the population is nearly 3 times greater……where do they all live and how do they move about??? It must be crazy!!! I am off to Bangkok in 6 days….after a couple of days in the city, I will be heading for Laos for a month…..and eventually to Myanmar for a month.

    Safe travels you two and enjoy! Denis

    • Hi Denis, that sounds like a good trip you have coming up. Obviously we know next to nothing about India yet. But we can’t help but compare what we’ve seen in Mumbai to other similar places. I think the traffic is nearly as bad in Bangkok, or at least parts, but it is more orderly. In Mumbai it teeters on the edge of chaos. But somehow, in spite of the population, it works. We’re looking forward to filling in the rest of the picture.

  2. Travel on friends… looking for a travel pal myself.. send me a Canadian if you can find one! Love your sharing, love you both! Happy trails, stay in touch!
    xoxo, Jbird (judith)

  3. Love this post! Great to hear of your exciting travels again! Look forward to seeing you both soon.

    Safe and fulfilling travels,


  4. Yay! Sounds like a fun and adventurous trip. Keep the updates coming. Love it and hope to see you again this summer.

  5. I’m envious. India has always been a destination in my travel plans. But Gail always passed although now she agrees if it is first class and guided. I just want to go and settle in, preferably in the south and understand how the country works. I’ll be monitoring your blog closely. Stay safe and healthy.

  6. Happy New Year in India, no less. Have a wonderful time traveling and keep writing. Love your blogs,as always. You never cease to amaze me! Take care and be safe & have fun.

  7. Hey there! Les and I are following closely. It seems like you are having a blast. How bad is the smell?

    • Hey Gary, I don’t know why everyone makes such a big deal about the smell in India. It hasn’t been any worse than a lot of places I’ve been, including New York City. That’s just the way cities are. I’m learning that when I hear stories about India, both good and bad, it is important to consider the source. Some people don’t have many other experiences to compare it to so things get exaggerated.

      • That’s true. Pics r great. We spent 3 days in Tahoe. Tough emotionally on Les cause she is in a wheelchair.
        You make India appealing although the bus ride on no sleep is iffy. The hippy beach is right up our ally.

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