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  1. Hi Jim!

    I had just logged onto my mail and your travel blog popped up. Fascinating! It is worlds apart from what is going on in the rest of the world, and hopefully Thailand can avoid the turmoil you read about every day, and I wonder why there has not been any political upheavals that plagues the rest of the world?

    We did go on our first long vacation in September, but by your standards would only be a blink of the eye. We were gone 14 days and covered Arizona, California, Utah, and Nevada. Judy was on a quest to visit Native American cliff dwellings, petrified forests, and geological wonders. Death Valley was nice at 108 degrees. When we returned home after out adventure, we found it took us another 2 weeks to return to a normal life. Do you experience the same decompressing period?

    Tomorrow is the last political debate before the election in November. I cannot believe that Romney is as close (if the polls are correct)to winning the election here in the states. Do people read intelligent articles, or do any research to what Romney has done to destroy and dismantle companies, out of greed? If Obama is not re-elected, I fear for what will happen to America. I know my oldest daughter will lose her job as a teacher of head start, as that is one of the government programs for the poor he has promised to get rid of.

    I will be awaiting your next blog. I remember one of your past blogs that you had tried drinking mescal, a smokier version of tequila. It has intrigued me, and at some time I will have to try it, in the mean time I will continue making beer. My last batch of beer I made was a pomegranate ale, also flavored with my homegrown Cascade hops. I have a Russian Imperial Stout I made last December, that has been aging underneath the house for a year now, and is going to be ready for consumption this year when it gets cold……… certainly will be a warmer-upper at 14% alcohol by volume!

    Jim Cooper

    • Hey Jim, things have not gone entirely smoothly for Thailand. In 2010 there was quite a political clash between the so-called Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts. Nothing to do with color choices, of course, but power, corruption, etc. Here’s a good primer on that episode [link] The universally beloved Thai king is in his mid-80s and in poor health. Many fear when he passes there may be more trouble.

      If I ever get back to your neighborhood I’d love to try your Russian Imperial Stout. I’ll bring some mescal and we could try mescal shooters with stout chasers. Say hi to Judy for me.

  2. How I love to “live” thru you two.. your travels and wisdom… I glean so much from your blog.. thanks.. Rains have settled in on the West Coast… snow in the hills.. (early).. Must prepare for a great ski season…I am finding it more and more difficult to go to my corporate “employment”…I look so forward to when I release myself from my shackles that bind me.. Loving Kindness.., Judith

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