Leaving the USA — 2 Comments

  1. While I can’t disagree with your analysis and opinions any more, I have a ton of respect for you. You are ‘voting with your feet’.

    It’s funny, a lot of conservatives have started to talk about competition amongst governments for the best deal of services vs. taxes. Perhaps that’s exactly what’s going on here? A government has the ability to compete with a better tax and benefit package!

    I’ll very interested to hear your tales of life in Canada and as always, I enjoy reading your work. Take care and good luck!!


  2. Hey Nick,

    Glad to hear that you disagree with me. I need someone to argue with. It is hard to pick a fight with these “nice Canadians” (without feeling guilty anyway.) I’m trying to convince them to stand up for themselves and cut off the supply of water, oil and maple syrup. Of course that would be inviting military retaliation under Bush, but maybe President Obama will negotiate.

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