Cuba Libre — 4 Comments

  1. Yeah! The stories continue! Both of you look like your in your “bliss”. May we continue to be uplifted and inspired reading about your adventures! Big Love, J

  2. You haven’t lost your diary talent. Great descriptions. My brother visited in the early 1970s when it was almost exclusively Canadian tourists. I wrote a book review on Cuban architecture and hope to see what I wrote about before … We leave for Sri Lanka February 21 until March 21 home via Hong Kong.

  3. Great to see that you two are still out there kicking at stones…. Your comments about racism existing in Canada are bang on…. It seems that racism has become even more open in Canada over the past two years…. In large part due to the activities and comments of the current occupant of the White House….. But, for me, it highlights that the racists in my country are always there…. just biding their time.. waiting for a more accepting political climate before coming out from under the rocks where they live!!!!

    I am spending the winter in Mexico…. currently in Cuernavaca, moving to Campeche in a week (for a month) and then to Puebla (also for a month)… returning home sometime in April…

    Glad to see that you two are doing well…

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