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  1. The Khmu Pole Dancers remind me of the Chinese Jump Rope we played as kids. So good to read your posts. I read all the latest ones this morning. I am always amazed at the interesting places you go and things you do. So glad the dental work went well and you are healthy and having fun. ks

  2. Hey Jim,
    If you get a chance, visit Vung Tau. It was the in-country R&R center during the war. I was there in 1969 and it was a beautiful seaside city.

    • Hi Bill, I’m hoping we can get there for at least a day, but time is running out. Have you been back to Vietnam since the war? I’d be interested to hear your perspective.

  3. I see that vietnam has changed and not for the better since i was there in 2002….. try and look beyond the throngs of tourist…..i think vietnam is still there someplace!!!!

    • Yes, it has. Many times on this trip I’ve wished we had come when you first told us about it. Not that Vietnam isn’t worth visiting now, but it sure feels like we’re late to the party.

  4. Hey Jim,
    I traveled to other locations in Asia in 1999 and 2000 and although I heard Vietnam was beautiful, especially the North, I could not bring myself to go because of my experiences during the war.
    Hi to Faye.
    Best, Bill

  5. Thanks for the update and your comments about your experiences in visiting Vietnam….. As you may recall, we were born in the same week in December, 1952….. So I grew up at the same time and had to come to grips with the Vietnam War also…. For me, of course, it was as a Canadian, but I remember discussing the war with my friends back then and how if we had been born only a couple of hundred miles further South, we would likely be living the war experience in a much different way….

    When I travelled in Vietnam in 2002, I observed the same attitude with the local people….. a desire to live in the present and think about the future….. Not much focus on the past. I came away thinking that that was probably a good way to live one’s life!!!

    Thanks again for sharing…… And I hope that my name isn’t on that “list of tourists” that you mentioned in your message!!! 🙂

    • Quite the opposite Denis, you are high on my list of people I’d like to run into again on my travels. Hope it works out someday.

  6. Yeah! The stories continue! Both of you look like your in your “bliss”. May we continue to be uplifted and inspired reading about your adventures! Big Love, J

  7. You haven’t lost your diary talent. Great descriptions. My brother visited in the early 1970s when it was almost exclusively Canadian tourists. I wrote a book review on Cuban architecture and hope to see what I wrote about before … We leave for Sri Lanka February 21 until March 21 home via Hong Kong.

  8. Great to see that you two are still out there kicking at stones…. Your comments about racism existing in Canada are bang on…. It seems that racism has become even more open in Canada over the past two years…. In large part due to the activities and comments of the current occupant of the White House….. But, for me, it highlights that the racists in my country are always there…. just biding their time.. waiting for a more accepting political climate before coming out from under the rocks where they live!!!!

    I am spending the winter in Mexico…. currently in Cuernavaca, moving to Campeche in a week (for a month) and then to Puebla (also for a month)… returning home sometime in April…

    Glad to see that you two are doing well…